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Serving the Washington, DC metropolitan area.


Problems Solved LLC performs a wide range of computer and technology-related work. Some of our most commonly performed jobs are listed below, but we do a variety of other work as well. Please don't hesitate to send us a technology problem you'd like to solve.


One popular option is a "computer makeover," in which we hone the technology at your disposal so that it works the right way: speedily and at your command.


The choices and number of details involved in selecting a new computer can be overwhelming. We can help you with this process. 


We can also recommend and install the hardware to get the most out of your current computer.


Our approach is to provide budget-friendly, high-performing hardware. This will save time and increase productivity. You shouldn't have to wait for a slow computer!


We can help you improve your Internet performance at each step of the process:


• Choosing an Internet service provider and connection speed.


• Selecting wired and wireless Internet equipment for speedy Internet, increased range, and a reliable connection.


• Making sure the computer's hardware can accommodate your connection's potential.


Viruses and other forms of malware can degrade computer performance, install unwanted software, and leave your personal data vulnerable.


We can remove existing threats and defend against future ones.


Large amounts of paper can be unwieldy. Boxes and folders can take up a significant amount of space, and it's often difficult to find the document you're looking for.


We can scan your document archive to put it at your fingertips. We can use text recognition software to produce digital copies of your documents searchable not only by their name but also by the text within them.


We are capable of document archival for both small and large jobs.


We can help you find the right TV and video player to provide an exciting home theater experience.


Your entertainment system can also be integrated with your computer. With the right equipment, you can stream movies, TV shows, and music to your home theater. Thousands of radio stations from around the world can be at your fingertips. 


Internet-capable TVs allow you to use Facebook, Twitter, and a variety of other useful apps.





We can help you preserve precious home movies and important audio recordings. Older technology can degrade over time, but a digital copy can give you peace of mind that your media will remain intact. 


We are happy to work with VHS tape and audio cassette collections of any size. Digital transfers of other media (such as Betamax, film reel, eight-track tapes, and international VHS tapes) can also be done upon request.