Personal Service, Professional Solutions
Serving the Washington, DC metropolitan area.


Problems Solved LLC performs computer and technology work in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Our approach emphasizes local and personalized service and a research-based approach to technology problems.


Local. Personal. Reliable.


The frustrations of dealing with unresponsive offshore computer support and large corporate outfits are well known. In contrast, we take pride in our local, personalized service. We deal with the issues you want solved, and we explain our work so you can understand it. We strive to know your computer as a doctor knows a patient.


A Research-Oriented Approach


The range of computer and technology-related knowledge is staggering. No person can know all information about the computers, peripherals, electronics, and problems that they encounter. The key is to mobilize know-how quickly when it is needed. We have the research skills that enable us to find and apply the solutions to your computer problems. We take pride in our versatility.






Justin Polin is president of Problems Solved LLC. Mr. Polin has a B.A. from Columbia University and an M.A. from the Institute of World Politics in Washington, DC. He has nearly two decades of computer experience with Macs (dating back to the old Performa 400) and over a decade of experience with PCs. Mr. Polin combines technological expertise with a strong research background, having worked on national security issues at three Washington think tanks.