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Serving the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Client Feedback

We are grateful for the positive feedback we receive. Our work has been praised on a number of Washington, DC area community listservs, including those in Chevy Chase, Georgetown, Tenleytown, Cleveland Park, and McLean.


A sampling of such comments is listed below.



"Justin has worked both with our personal computers and with our business's systems. He's scrupulously honest, talented, and resourceful. Justin's superior research skills along with his native ability and intelligence make it quite likely he can resolve any technology issue quickly. He has resolved every issue we've run into with our computer equipment (PC and Apple), network (wireless or not), home theater, smartphones, and more."


Marc Chafetz, Chevy Chase, DC


"After one Angie’s List recommended company told me that the files I was trying to recover were unrecoverable and a second told me that — if they could do the job at all — it would cost $800 -$1000, I offhandedly mentioned the lost files to Justin when he was helping me with an entirely different problem. Within 2 hours, he had recovered at least 80% of the files Enough said."


Dr. Deborah Mulhern, Potomac, MD


"Justin has helped with computers for our entire family, fixing problems with Macs, PCs, printers, a smart TV, and more.  He also gave us advice on how to back up our large music collection with high quality audio. He's been a go-to guy for all our recent technology issues."


M. Howard, McLean, VA


"Justin is fantastic! I was having problems with my Macbook Pro laptop and could not figure out the cause -- Justin was able to not only resolve it but took the time explain why. With recommendations, I got a solid state drive and upgraded my RAM for a very reasonable price. The best part were the additional program upgrades and home delivery! With all the various programs that I use for work, I have never been able to confidently run several programs and get work done this fast! He genuinely cares about the quality and the experience that his clients have with their products."


Kriston Pumphrey, Atlas District, DC